EduBenefit® offers a number of services to ensure that educational organizations enjoy the highest quality of products and services from the leading insurance companies in the industry. We specialize in developing cooperative purchasing arrangements for educational organizations and their Member organizations.


Product Development and Design

Business Planning at EduBenefitEduBenefit® will work with your organization to develop the most appropriate and comprehensive programs for your membership. We will take into account your Member School District’s employee needs and budget considerations.

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Promotion and Marketing

Marketing at EduBenefitEduBenefit® understands the special relationship you have with your Member organizations. Our desire is to enhance the offerings that your organization already provides to your Member organizations. EduBenefit® strives to design a marketing plan that encourages participation among your Members.

EduBenefit® will develop e-mail, blast fax and letter campaigns designed to disseminate the information and generate interest in the new benefit offerings. Our campaigns have worked very effectively with other organizations and have significantly boosted membership in their programs. An EduBenefit® representative will follow-up with each designated contact to ensure they have received the information and answer any questions related to the information.

EduBenefit® will not hard sale or harass your members. We understand that you hold a very special trust with your Members and our approach is to help maintain that trust and to respect your Member’s time and position.
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Administration and Enrollment

Administration and Enrollment at EduBenefitOnce a Member decides to participate in a program, EduBenefit® will provide all of the necessary documents as well as assist with the completion and submission of these documents to the Lincoln Financial Group. We ensure that documents are complete and that necessary timelines are met for the proper implementation of the benefit program.

EduBenefit® has developed an effective streamlined enrollment process that does not create campus disruption and reduces enrollment errors. We will work with the Member organization on enrollment timing and with Lincoln Financial Group to ensure that the necessary forms and documents are delivered and ready to the members campus.

Once the enrollment time frames have been established EduBenefit® will contact the district to collect the completed forms and send them to be processed for coverage.

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Member Contact

Member Contact - EduBenefitEduBenefit® will contact the Member participant on a quarterly basis to ensure that the program is operating as designed. EduBenefit® believes that consistent Member contact is essential in maintaining a proper service strategy. We are available for your Members to call if there are questions or concerns regarding any aspect of our programs.